Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fate of poor countries' people

These girls in the picture might be expecting some day to go to USA, Australia or some European countries for their further education and future living. This is just an example how "brain drain" is in extremity. Most of the educated youths of the poor countries want to go to developed country for their better future. They don't see their future bright staying forever in their own country.

I feel sometimes shame on myself because I took birth in a poor country. But these days I have started thinking why did I took birth in such a country where there is always strikes, murders, cruelties, criminal activities and rough politics. Why don't our politicians and administrators take strong action against those who always close the market for their group/party advantage? Why don't people don't unite against killers and peace breakers?

I left my country a couple of years ago and currently living in the United States. If I had good job after my study, I would have stayed in my own country. But I didn't see any opportunity for me there in my country. I could not find any politician to help me get the better job and earn money for living. I also had intention to serve my country and stay with my parents and family. But because of the circumstances, I started seeking the way to the outside world.

Oh god, give me strength to do something for my country and people. I am just lying mad thousands of miles away from my home. I have a lot of problems. I am barren here. Nobody cares for other here because everyone is busy doing his own stuffs. I want someone to share my troubles. Please somebody help me. I am lonely, helpless and sad always. I want some money to live peacefully and to settle down. Well, I never find the way how to keep calm myself and live peaceful life.

Only problem with me is that I could not adjust quick with other people who I talk with or who I make friendship with. I came from bad background. I could not feed myself properly in my early days of youth. I didn't eat and enjoy regularly. That's why I am physically and mentally weak. My problem started when I was in my mid 20's. I always used to bargain with my parents on financial matters. I always deserved to be a great man. I never got satisfied with money. I always asked for more money but got just few. I had always fire in my heart about doing something in life.

Hopefully some day, I will start being happy and live peaceful life. Thank god, I am at least expecting some kind of good future. Give me the energy to adjust in this selfish world.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Human Stupidity: I'm trying to find boundary

Albert Einstein: Nobel Prize Winner in PhysicsOnce Albert Einstein said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." It's a lot more to be analyzed here. How can such a great scientist can talk about that? I don't mean here to say he was wrong. I don't have capacity to prove him wrong coz I am facing a lot of consequences of human stupidity.

I personally believe that the universe has its limit. And, what you folks think about human stupidity? Oh, it's really difficult for me how to explain it. People do all kinds of lowly stuffs as a part of stupidity. I have categorized some of the behaviors of human under human stupidity. Well, does anybody have tried to annoy you too much crossing the limits? If it's true, then it might definitely fall under human stupidity. Some people really don't have sense. They like to be known as conscientious people but in fact, they never deserve to be.

Just trust me folks, you should always find out who you are surrounded with. If your conscience permits you to be always in that locality, well it's fine otherwise, make a wise decision. I believe you won't break your heart keeping yourself away from stupid people or just trying to avoid their stupid acts. Well, you might have seen stupidity anywhere, in your home, apartment, classroom, in coffeeshop, restaurant or even in your flight.

If you have faced stupid people's stupid behaviors anywhere, just share with me. I would happily go through it. Let's keep this world nice. One must unite against human stupidity. Human stupidity sucks.

I got one friend in my shared apartment who is inhuman, senseless and selfish. We stay some 3 to 4 people in the same apartment. This guy seems to be restless, always. This guy does not care if anyone is sleeping or studying in the apartment. He always speaks alone, mostly the vague words and that again loudly disturbing all people in the apartment. Oh my god, how can I handle this guy? I don't know how to behave with this guy. I always wonder why some people are that much stupid. Literally speaking, I would like to say these people frantic. That's why they don't listen to others and never behave normal with anyone.

If you are sharing an apartment and using a common mess, you always deserve sharing your feelings, foods and compartments inside. The guy who I am gonna talk about does not do that a little. If you are in a minor kind of quarrel with that guy, he will start doing everything alone immediately. He will start eating alone, talking alone and being seemingly restless all the time. Once he gets restless, he won't let you stay peacefully in the apartment. He might do crazy stuffs like playing video game making seemingly loud noise and walking here and there creating annoying voices and sounds. Well folks, this is my personal story of how a person starts behaving once he loses his sense.

I have dealt with many stupid people in my journey of life. Well, in most of the times, I have learnt how to keep yourself safe and in peace. However, sometimes you have to be offensive to deal with these kind of people. Here I mean is you must have to speak some straight language sometimes to deal with your situation created due to such people.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Freedom of Blogging

Many bloggers have been sentenced to prison because of blogging. July 10 is coming nearer and we want all prisoners around the world free who have been jailed for blogging on issues of democracy or freedom of speech. We want to celebrate this day as a way to enforce the nations around the globe to free the prisoners who fight for their speech and democracy.

Through blogging, people share their thoughts to their online community around the world. People cannot express their feeling openly in the roads or writing in the newspaper because many cruel governments ban these activities. The better way to make one's opinion public is to blog online and let people know what's going on.

Free all those imprisoned for protesting/blogging etc recently in Iran immediately.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Images

We always love you Michael. You are in our soul, heart and mind forever. When we heard your news of death, we thought we would not let you go. But, everything is in God's hand. Sorry Michael, we could not do anything. Please, forgive us. Rest in peace.

Now, we just have your memories. We just can cry 'beat it beat it', 'dangerous', 'they don't really care about us', 'black or white', 'billy jean', 'bad' or 'smooth criminal'.

If we go through his life, we find that his life was always full of troubles starting his childhood till his demise. He earned a lot of money from his music career and he invested his money for the benefit of music industry too. He always had trouble in financial and relationship matters though. He never got rid of problems in his life. Sometimes he faced child abuse cases against him and sometimes many news flashed about his financial debts. It is still believed that a lot of debts is to be paid by the Jackson's family.

The most interesting fact about him was that he ruled the world as the number one singer for some decades. His name was in every child's mouth because of his wonderful dancing actions and skillful singing capacity. Many people even tried to follow his dancing way and singing ability. He brought new trends in singing and dancing to the world. Who can forget his moonwalks? Those were a piece of expert dancing. Michael, you will definitely be in all people's heart forever.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Increasing cost of tuition fee

Tuition fee has increased dramatically in recent years. In European countries, there is usually no tuition fee. However, in countries like USA, India or China and many other countries, one has to pay tuition fee in order to get admission in school or college.

Matter of fact, tuition fee is rising every year in recent years. Students are facing difficulties to pay their tuition fees. In this period of recession and economic hardship, one has to work hard and collect more money for their study. Some 10 to 15 percent of rise is expected in tuition fee starting the fall semester 2009. Nobody knows how students gonna cope with this situation of increasing tuition fees.

Well, I don't have that much suggestion for you college students. But, what you can do most probably is reduce cost of your living and expend less in traveling and restaurants. And what about spending less when you travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your families? It all depends on you. We must survive this economic hardship and rising cost of tuition fees. Isn't it true, folks?
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How to kiss a girl?

Many of us might find it difficult when we are near a time to kiss a girl. It is not that much hard, though. We must however follow some steps when it comes the time to kiss a girl. Here are some basic steps for you guys:

Step I: Move slowly towards her body.
Step II: Keep yourself calm.
Step III: Slightly tilt your head when you move towards her. Let your nose not directly face to her nose. It's better to try her left cheek. It means you should move your head right side of your body.
Step IV: It's now time to kiss her. Make it sure she is not feeling difficulty to get a kiss from you.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dream of all times

Well, everybody has his own dream in his personal life. Some wants to be a businessman, some wants to be a manager of some company and some wants to be in higher positions such as administrator, doctor, engineer, nurse etc. Dream is not always associated with just aiming such positions but also contains desires of having fine building, nice garden, beautiful wife or handsome capable husband and many other things such as having nice personal car, earning high salary and living a well settled life.

Many people often get distracted before they reach their goal. Everyone of us keeps on dreaming for some good things but we usually get interruption in many ways. We might have family distraction, financial distraction or some kind of relationship distraction such as problems in love or marriage. Life becomes complex if someone has not good relationship with his/her family members. If this really is true, one has to struggle hard to be successful in one's life more than someone who has no problem or just a few problems with one's family.

I personally have no big dreams as of other people. I just want to live a peaceful life and earn some money for living and traveling nice places. Sometimes I feel life is complicated and find no way for moving ahead in life. Sometimes, however, I find good ways to better learn the world and lives of people.

I just want to suggest everyone not to give up their aim until you succeed. Sometimes you have to compromise in your life regarding your education, job, marriage and love affairs. Presently, world has been hit by economic recession and some kind of hardship for earning. Well, you must continue with this kind of situation and move ahead whatever recession might hamper your steps and thinking.
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Second Chance Shinedown-one of the famous songs of 2009 goes here

This is my personal favourite song. Such a great creation! I still don't know if this is a love song, though.

spanish raggaeton songs

nepali folk song kafal gedi kutukkai

I personally like this song very much. One of the great Nepali folk songs I have ever heard! It sounds quite awesome to me. This is a great song by Mahesh Budhathoki and Sindhu Malla, legends of Nepali folk songs.

yaman plane crash single survivor 13 year old girl

Amazing news is here. A single survivor in a deadly plane crash in an Indian ocean is a 13 year old girl from France. Here is a video showing her resting in a bed inside a plane.

Iran protest Michael Jackson

Thursday, July 2, 2009