Saturday, July 4, 2009

Increasing cost of tuition fee

Tuition fee has increased dramatically in recent years. In European countries, there is usually no tuition fee. However, in countries like USA, India or China and many other countries, one has to pay tuition fee in order to get admission in school or college.

Matter of fact, tuition fee is rising every year in recent years. Students are facing difficulties to pay their tuition fees. In this period of recession and economic hardship, one has to work hard and collect more money for their study. Some 10 to 15 percent of rise is expected in tuition fee starting the fall semester 2009. Nobody knows how students gonna cope with this situation of increasing tuition fees.

Well, I don't have that much suggestion for you college students. But, what you can do most probably is reduce cost of your living and expend less in traveling and restaurants. And what about spending less when you travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your families? It all depends on you. We must survive this economic hardship and rising cost of tuition fees. Isn't it true, folks?
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How to kiss a girl?

Many of us might find it difficult when we are near a time to kiss a girl. It is not that much hard, though. We must however follow some steps when it comes the time to kiss a girl. Here are some basic steps for you guys:

Step I: Move slowly towards her body.
Step II: Keep yourself calm.
Step III: Slightly tilt your head when you move towards her. Let your nose not directly face to her nose. It's better to try her left cheek. It means you should move your head right side of your body.
Step IV: It's now time to kiss her. Make it sure she is not feeling difficulty to get a kiss from you.
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