Sunday, August 9, 2009

Comparing lifestyles around the globe

There is a famous saying "Chinese food, Japanese wife and American life" in all of ours tongue. Chinese food is said to be the best food in terms of calories and keeping health fit. Japanese wife is said to be the most trusted one. American lifestyle is the one all of us want to live.

For now, let's just compare the American lifestyle with the lifestyle from the other countries. American lifestyle is far more better than that from any other country. Sleeping in an air-conditioned apartment, traveling in one's own car, eating foods in world-famous restaurant in cheaper prices, using your own laptop, these are some of the things we can easily bear staying in America. Well folks, I had never thought I would travel in my own car. But that dream came true when I registered a car in my name. Yeah, it would probably happen only in America.

I was born and raised in a developing country. I had a big dream of staying in my own big building, traveling in Toyota or Honda car, living in an air-conditioned room etc. I have got most of these things coming to America. This country is awesome. Even if you have a small job, you can still bear all expenditures easily. You don't have to worry about your tomorrow. American lifestyle could never be compared to any lifestyle around the globe.
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