Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Images

We always love you Michael. You are in our soul, heart and mind forever. When we heard your news of death, we thought we would not let you go. But, everything is in God's hand. Sorry Michael, we could not do anything. Please, forgive us. Rest in peace.

Now, we just have your memories. We just can cry 'beat it beat it', 'dangerous', 'they don't really care about us', 'black or white', 'billy jean', 'bad' or 'smooth criminal'.

If we go through his life, we find that his life was always full of troubles starting his childhood till his demise. He earned a lot of money from his music career and he invested his money for the benefit of music industry too. He always had trouble in financial and relationship matters though. He never got rid of problems in his life. Sometimes he faced child abuse cases against him and sometimes many news flashed about his financial debts. It is still believed that a lot of debts is to be paid by the Jackson's family.

The most interesting fact about him was that he ruled the world as the number one singer for some decades. His name was in every child's mouth because of his wonderful dancing actions and skillful singing capacity. Many people even tried to follow his dancing way and singing ability. He brought new trends in singing and dancing to the world. Who can forget his moonwalks? Those were a piece of expert dancing. Michael, you will definitely be in all people's heart forever.

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