Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fate of poor countries' people

These girls in the picture might be expecting some day to go to USA, Australia or some European countries for their further education and future living. This is just an example how "brain drain" is in extremity. Most of the educated youths of the poor countries want to go to developed country for their better future. They don't see their future bright staying forever in their own country.

I feel sometimes shame on myself because I took birth in a poor country. But these days I have started thinking why did I took birth in such a country where there is always strikes, murders, cruelties, criminal activities and rough politics. Why don't our politicians and administrators take strong action against those who always close the market for their group/party advantage? Why don't people don't unite against killers and peace breakers?

I left my country a couple of years ago and currently living in the United States. If I had good job after my study, I would have stayed in my own country. But I didn't see any opportunity for me there in my country. I could not find any politician to help me get the better job and earn money for living. I also had intention to serve my country and stay with my parents and family. But because of the circumstances, I started seeking the way to the outside world.

Oh god, give me strength to do something for my country and people. I am just lying mad thousands of miles away from my home. I have a lot of problems. I am barren here. Nobody cares for other here because everyone is busy doing his own stuffs. I want someone to share my troubles. Please somebody help me. I am lonely, helpless and sad always. I want some money to live peacefully and to settle down. Well, I never find the way how to keep calm myself and live peaceful life.

Only problem with me is that I could not adjust quick with other people who I talk with or who I make friendship with. I came from bad background. I could not feed myself properly in my early days of youth. I didn't eat and enjoy regularly. That's why I am physically and mentally weak. My problem started when I was in my mid 20's. I always used to bargain with my parents on financial matters. I always deserved to be a great man. I never got satisfied with money. I always asked for more money but got just few. I had always fire in my heart about doing something in life.

Hopefully some day, I will start being happy and live peaceful life. Thank god, I am at least expecting some kind of good future. Give me the energy to adjust in this selfish world.
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