Friday, July 3, 2009

Dream of all times

Well, everybody has his own dream in his personal life. Some wants to be a businessman, some wants to be a manager of some company and some wants to be in higher positions such as administrator, doctor, engineer, nurse etc. Dream is not always associated with just aiming such positions but also contains desires of having fine building, nice garden, beautiful wife or handsome capable husband and many other things such as having nice personal car, earning high salary and living a well settled life.

Many people often get distracted before they reach their goal. Everyone of us keeps on dreaming for some good things but we usually get interruption in many ways. We might have family distraction, financial distraction or some kind of relationship distraction such as problems in love or marriage. Life becomes complex if someone has not good relationship with his/her family members. If this really is true, one has to struggle hard to be successful in one's life more than someone who has no problem or just a few problems with one's family.

I personally have no big dreams as of other people. I just want to live a peaceful life and earn some money for living and traveling nice places. Sometimes I feel life is complicated and find no way for moving ahead in life. Sometimes, however, I find good ways to better learn the world and lives of people.

I just want to suggest everyone not to give up their aim until you succeed. Sometimes you have to compromise in your life regarding your education, job, marriage and love affairs. Presently, world has been hit by economic recession and some kind of hardship for earning. Well, you must continue with this kind of situation and move ahead whatever recession might hamper your steps and thinking.
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1 comment:

Teresa Schultz said...

Some lovely encouraging words and thoughts about not giving up on hopes and dreams, or a business succeeding, even when times are tough. Thanks. I'm not going to give up, and also encourage everyone to do the same.