Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Human Stupidity: I'm trying to find boundary

Albert Einstein: Nobel Prize Winner in PhysicsOnce Albert Einstein said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." It's a lot more to be analyzed here. How can such a great scientist can talk about that? I don't mean here to say he was wrong. I don't have capacity to prove him wrong coz I am facing a lot of consequences of human stupidity.

I personally believe that the universe has its limit. And, what you folks think about human stupidity? Oh, it's really difficult for me how to explain it. People do all kinds of lowly stuffs as a part of stupidity. I have categorized some of the behaviors of human under human stupidity. Well, does anybody have tried to annoy you too much crossing the limits? If it's true, then it might definitely fall under human stupidity. Some people really don't have sense. They like to be known as conscientious people but in fact, they never deserve to be.

Just trust me folks, you should always find out who you are surrounded with. If your conscience permits you to be always in that locality, well it's fine otherwise, make a wise decision. I believe you won't break your heart keeping yourself away from stupid people or just trying to avoid their stupid acts. Well, you might have seen stupidity anywhere, in your home, apartment, classroom, in coffeeshop, restaurant or even in your flight.

If you have faced stupid people's stupid behaviors anywhere, just share with me. I would happily go through it. Let's keep this world nice. One must unite against human stupidity. Human stupidity sucks.

I got one friend in my shared apartment who is inhuman, senseless and selfish. We stay some 3 to 4 people in the same apartment. This guy seems to be restless, always. This guy does not care if anyone is sleeping or studying in the apartment. He always speaks alone, mostly the vague words and that again loudly disturbing all people in the apartment. Oh my god, how can I handle this guy? I don't know how to behave with this guy. I always wonder why some people are that much stupid. Literally speaking, I would like to say these people frantic. That's why they don't listen to others and never behave normal with anyone.

If you are sharing an apartment and using a common mess, you always deserve sharing your feelings, foods and compartments inside. The guy who I am gonna talk about does not do that a little. If you are in a minor kind of quarrel with that guy, he will start doing everything alone immediately. He will start eating alone, talking alone and being seemingly restless all the time. Once he gets restless, he won't let you stay peacefully in the apartment. He might do crazy stuffs like playing video game making seemingly loud noise and walking here and there creating annoying voices and sounds. Well folks, this is my personal story of how a person starts behaving once he loses his sense.

I have dealt with many stupid people in my journey of life. Well, in most of the times, I have learnt how to keep yourself safe and in peace. However, sometimes you have to be offensive to deal with these kind of people. Here I mean is you must have to speak some straight language sometimes to deal with your situation created due to such people.
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